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July 22, 2008


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When we talk about swagger, we as hip hop enthusiasts have to talk about Kanye West. Even Lil Wayne shows his praise for Kanye on The Carter III.

Kanye West is - not only a rapper - a humanitarian, but a human with flaws and all who understands we are multifaceted people.

Mr. West, please continue to amaze and inspire me.


WHen we talk about chicago swagga yuou talk about this dude;
CONtinue to aMAZE YOU????????? YOU ARE INSANE!, the guy hates on america , now hes trying to kiss ass by copying this blogger on my space, check his page out.
\ive met more veterans than MTV. They pick and choose than loose. KAnye is a crack(premature) baby black panther who gives executives "cheeseburgers if you know what i mean!!!!!!"""" haaha what a joke this rock head! he hasnt donated a dime or given it up or sacrificed. His mamma told me he milked it more than ben and jerrys!!!! MUti-decreped wash up!!!!

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