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July 07, 2008


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Tupac of our generation? F*ck outta here


man i registered on this website to say. thats the stupidiest ish i eva heard in my life. lil wayne the next tupac? Tupac was poetic he touched damn near the whole damn globe. Lil wayne on some "im so high i can eat a star". Comparing the two is complete stupidity. quincy needs his @$$ whipped 4 that one. $h1ts gon flop like Kobe in the Finals. First Kobes better than JOrdan, Waynes the New 2pac. Cant wait to see this years election cant get no better


i guess wit all this damn bubble gum rap like soulja boy it makes lil wayne look like a beast. if you can give me a quote from 3 lil wayne songs that meant something thats over 3+ years old i'd say he was ok. but you cant so he's just another disposable rapper. Bama 205 Stand Up Baby


lol........... wanye tupac cause he sold 1million in a week ok............. half his his lyrics dont say nothing sound like he freestlying all the time to me pac was a writer an artist. wanye a just a damn rapper the album sold a lot cause of timming hell it took him so long to come out with it yeah iguess it did sell a million


Yea QD3 is full of crap. Lyrically, wayne is overrated. More hype than substance. Wheres his dear mamas and brendas got a baby? Whos still listening to the block is hot, lights out, or 500 degreez? Whos going to be bumpin that lollipop and a milli garbage 10 years from now?


Did Tupac fuck QD3 AND his sister?! Will this dude find a new hustle already! The man's been dead 12yrs. Just let it go Quincy.


Don't get me wrong, I like Lil Wayne. He has the lyrics to be the best new hot MC of right now because Hip Hop is not dead, but is suffering from Alzimers disease because we forgot our hip hop fathers and the foundation in which hip hop stand. So right now Wayne is the best new hip hop artist, but how dare you or anyone else compare Wayne to Tupac. The person who made this statement don't know Hip Hop. Anyone who would compare Lil Wayne to Pac, needs to do they homework. I can see if you compare Nas to Pac, but you smoking crack if you compare any new Hip Hop artist to The Latest and Greatest Pac. Hip Hop is in danger. REAL RAPPERS PLEASE STAND UP!!


This Lil' Wayne Sh!t has gone far enough...Its hard enough hearing that "hes the greatest rapper alive" but he is NOWHERE near Pac, I dont understand ppl can even compare the two. Its like comparing J.Holiday to Luther, Ne-Yo to Michael, Marbury to Magic, Nash to Bird....Its not even close & never will be.

Penelope Rodriguez

That nigga is not the 'pac of this generation. Whoever said that lil wang is the pac of this generation needs to be slapped in the face very hard. wang does not touch 'pac at all. at all. just reading that made me angry. this lil wang mania has gone far enough now


Damn, people are still dissing Wayne? What does this man have to do for you people? He is differant than Pac, but not worse in my opinion. Pac was a poet first and foremost and an overall artistic dude. Wayne might not be a poet, but that doesn't make Pac a better rapper. I have the CD and it is not full of murder, money, drugs, jewelry and sex with hoes and mistreatment of hoes. That in itself is differant right now. So is his often inarticulate freestyling. It's weird, but I don't hate it. The man has something to say and despite his drug issues, he is not a dummy.

Spread love not hate. It'll make you feel better. I promise.


QD3 has lost his fuckin' mind. There will never be a another Tupac. Lil' Wayne can't even rap better than Juvie. Juvie lyrically is the best rapper to come out of Cash Money! Get tha fuck outta here!

Clofresh (Last of the Real OG's)

Why does everybody want to compare today's best rapper to Tupac. First off, "THE BEST RAPPER EVER" debate between Pac & Big should be laid to rest. Everybody knows that Pac was the better of the two. Clearly, Pac was the better rapper. The whole world says so, except for the New Yorkers who grew up on Biggie. So that's that. Now, Wayne may be the best rapper to date, but he is no damn Tupac Shakur. Although Wayne is pretty smart for a guy who barely went to school and didnt'graduated from High School, he lacks intelligence and passion in his songs compared to Pac. Pac was and is still in a league of his own. Personally, you can't even put Biggie on the same level as Pac. Pac was truly one of a kind. And i'm just bout tired of all of the Pac comparisons. Please let that great man rest in peace. RIP Tupac Amaru "Makaveli" Shakur.


The Album was garbage, for several reasons I wont get into. This dude is just hype with no lyrical content. 2pac stood for something. Wayne stands for money like 6 albums deep? and your still that horrible, you've already dropped out of contention with big n Pac a long time ago. How can this guy even be considered an artist Next to NAS


Huh? hahhahahahahahahahah ...enough said


And I've also just registered to say that>>>>
I don't care about all these words said on wayne!!!!!
HE is THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!! and that can't be changed!!! You can love him or hate him, but you won't make him or break him..........cause He's steel m@***ka cash money millionaire!!!! And no one is better than him and He"s just proved that wit 1million sold copies of his new album!!!! His flow is so good, his voice is the greatest cause He's THE BEST

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