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July 02, 2008


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So he after being called an ignorant nigger he decides to behave as such... If your life isn't threatened, don't risk your freedom attacking a person that's running their mouth...


now his ass is probably gonna get sued by dude. which is bullshit cuz dude shouldn't of been running his fuckin mouth in the first place. i really don't listen to his music but we live in this pussy generation were everybody loves to sue. u don't want to get hit in the head with a microphone don't talk shit. blog it on your computer where your safe.

Luke Swagwalker

Ey yo, bring back the SOHH forums, minus the power-hungry Spot mods.

No JBO though. Pedo movement, 1-star movement, delete movement, bondage movement, and finally, them getting the entire site ethered by the wrath of anonymous and 4Chan. JBO shoulda been axed a longgggggg time ago, and keeping it around will bring nothing but trouble.

Well...he got what he payed for...


WTF? Nothing about the new G-Unit album on this site?
Yall playin dirty...


This is kinda of funny how he breaks the mic on the guys head n then trys to reason n apologize

ms. t

I like to hear from the fan myself ... lol Grown peeps are getting tired of these dumb artist !! I gotta check the words to his songs and see why the fan said what he said ....maybe he was right. lol

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