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July 18, 2008


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memphis' own

ayo Archie, if you look at the neck line on the Rick Ross pic, you can clearly see that it has been altered..

JohnnyACE♠ GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}™

Hidin behind 8 Mile and The Chronic

Gets rich but DIES RHYMIN

Now that's 50 porch monkeys ate up @ the same time


Get em Gizza...get em Tipper

Clofresh (Last of the Real OG's)

Just wanted to comment on the Yung Berg apology. WTF ever mane. Should we accept anybodies apology after they know that they have been ridiculed in the public eye for making idiotic remarks. I for one, do not accept or believe his apology. How in the hell was his words taken out of context. The nigga was quoted. Plus he went as far as to say, "I like the pool test, if they jump in the pool and don't come out prettier then when they went in"...WTF...Now this nigga came out with a public apology cause he knew he fucked up. And note he only came out with this apology right after his girlfriend from ANTM dumped his ass. What a jerk. And he probably did that cause his momma, who is dark and crispy, probably got on his ass. Yung Terd, you stupid as fuck nigga. Do anybody accept and take celebrities public apology for real. They only do this when they know they have fucked up and damaged their career. Everybody knows that your first thoughts and impressions are what your really feel and mean. Stupid Mu'Fucka got dumped by a lightskinned chick, cause she aint like what he said.. Now if a lightskineed chick dumped him for that, you can only imagine where his career is headed. Cause niggas dont buy his shit. Lil Zhane type nigga.


TI is another clown. Obviously he hasn't learned from his past transgressions, and I bet he ends up in trouble again. Oh wait a minute maybe his court appointed bodyguard will save him from that. The question isn't why everytime I get a case niggas talkin ish!, but rather why the f@ck are you always catching a case? Why is it continuously that TI is always in trouble. That don't make you a G. It makes you an idiot especially when you got the money to do more productive things. TI please sit down somewhere. How you promoting peace saying you ready to attack cats. You gon end up in trouble again yo. Why would the article writer say 50 don't want it with TI. He's a Dr. Seuss rapper!!!!!


TI fans explain this line to me. "Tell em jump, Pimpin it don't get no realer, 5'9 wit the soul of a 6'4 nigga."

What does that mean? What is the size of a 6'4 niggas soul? So because someone is taller there heart & soul is larger? I'm 5'11, so that means I can't put anyone down that taller than me, unless I get the sould of a man larger? See the ignorance?


On the Tag/Durpi video - I can see positive and negative sides to more corporate sponsorships of artists....but matching up hip hop artists with a body spray seems like a weird pairing/mash-up?

Dr. Tantillo (’the marketing doctor’) did a recent post on this topic on his branding blog--on how a partnership with music artists could be a boon for P&G but also a potential liability:


TAG records is gonna get no1 now that this commercial is out. They probly gonna get rapppers that suck.


@ centinel
is he ignorant for saying it or are you ignorant for not getting it

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