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August 07, 2008


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Damn, the industry is rough right now. Nas < 300k after 3 Wks? Nevertheless though, it is still a graet album. The internet is killing hip hop as far as sales, but the real hip hop fans know that this does not mean that an album is not good.


Damn Homey, (a few years ago) you was the man Homey...Fuck happened to you?

But, at least for 50, this is a situation Jay-Z mentioned: "Even if I fall (fail), I'll land in a bunch of money."


Thank god gay-unit is finished, they are done.

Americans are waking up.


Seriously yall need to explain something to me. How can one artist like Neyo or Jayz move 13000 cd's or sell only a hunned thousand copies an yall say things like "managed to move" or "impressive", but when other artist (preferably the ones you dont like "anymore" such as Gunit or RickRoss and others ) move those same numbers its "a paltry 10000 units" or "sophmore slump" or "drastic descend" or my new favorite, "death sentence"? Yall bullshit and dickriding is starting to expose itself.


People need to stop letting how many albums sold determine if they like it or not. I am not going to lie, I download everything first. If I like more than 5 songs on the album, I will spend my hard earned money. But for the most part, how many albums sold does not tell how good it is, it just lets you know how many people are downloading versus buying it. I hear NAS being played in city than Lil' Wayne.
**AND WHY WON'T SOMEONE SAY IT ALREADY: LIL'WAYNE'S COMPNANY BOUGHT MOST OF THAT SHIT TO TRY TO SWAY PEOPLE INTO THINKING IT IS THAT GOOD.** There, I feel like a 112lb weight has been lifted off of my chest. (That's how much lil shame weighs)


Most of the first orders of the Carter III were for promotion. After around 500,000 copies, it becomes un-economical to artificially inflate sales projections. I'd say after the 500k to 600k sold, it was all the hype he put in over the years over officially getting an album out.

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