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August 01, 2008


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Well, we obviously can't go on record sales...


yeahh fukk jim jones. nigga is NOTHIN without max B and he still tryna swag like he the king of harlem or some shiet. I'm not a big kanye fan, but props to dude for all that he's accomplished so far. Just not feelin the girly pants and all that.. but Young Buck is a true nigga that's fsho. Without him GUnit ain't NOTHIN. they lost enough by bootin the game but now you've pretty much booted the ESSENCE of the Unit. weaak. hAHaha and all Prodigy can say is that Hov is a bitchass nigga.. ok! i guess! haha Hov put you on blast, ballerina P and all you can say is "bitchass nigga".


Kanye has too many business meetings and cashflow to deal with the likes of jim jones. Personally Buck is a coward I do not care if he own up to it because he had to. One minute you are talking tough and pop gangsta next minute you are crying like the IRS took everything from you. YOU OWE 50 CENT MONEY. You fans make me sic with all this I Feel Buck movement, you guys are quite the homosexual this is business.

JohnnyACE♠ GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}™

Gullyson, aka Uncle Ruckus, go sit down somewhere.

Buck is a bigger man and he's better off without Gay Unit


Man, Jim Jones need ta get off Ye nuts. Jim cannot see Kanye on any level accept da lookin like a bum level, dat nigga dont never dress nice, he cant rap, and he dont sell. He just jealous dat Kanye got da shine and he dont. Kanye probably sold more albums in da first with Graduation than Jim has sold altogether. I know he got more money, more fans, and more awards. He cant see Kanye!!


It seems Jim Jones has some kind of inferiority complex. He seems to always be getting at people who don't even acknowledge his existence.


man whoever is writing these comments is a bitch ass nigga. leave your opinion out of it. just tell us what we wanna hear.


All these negros are clowns. Every last one of them. In fact, all the comments written here are by clowns.

Rap is beginning to look like a convention for special education students.


dog who are you? why are you on a Hip Hop blog site if you feel that way, homie? you a phoney, you dont know good music when you hear it(KanYe). you must be a clown too since you did leave a comment, special ed.

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