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August 08, 2008


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soulja boy is only popular because dumb fucks like kanye co-sign him


Soulja Boy is popular because young teens and pre-teens love his music. These are the kids that are not in the club, but at a slumber party with friends learning his dance moves.

Do the Humpty Hump
2 - Step
Kid & Play

Can't remember them all but dance music is hip hop as well.
If you don't like it then don't listen to it.
Create a hit, this kid just got alot of you artists on call. Playing Gangsta just aint selling like it use to. You really got to put some true artistic ability in your music now-a-days.

If your over 21 you really have no biz listening to Souljah Boy anyways. Better yet 18.


Are You Kidding Me?? How much more evidence do you need to believe that Jay z and kanye are freemason/illuminati. LOOK AT THE HANDSHAKE.. Look at how kanye is sticking up for the f@gs. Whats goin on.. So damn obvious. SOuljah Boy???? Thats ridiculous. Kanye is a f@g.. He will be exposed.. Watch out.. im COMING

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