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September 30, 2008


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"It's not too late to nominate your favorite artists, bloggers or even yourself for an Online Hip-Hop Award."

lol...why would this be on THIS website?


I say GOOD F--KEN RIDDENCE! That show was great 10 years ago and then feel off like hip-hop did..always having the majority of south rappers on there, the show lost credibility and substance. I remember Yo MTV Raps in its hey day having real legitimate rappers on there and giving the underground a voice to show real rap video/music to the masses. BET can only blame themselves for Rap Shitty's demise

The Antichrist

This is great news!

This means that there will be less wack southern rap that I have to hear if I ever make the mistake of changing the channel to the B.E.T. Network again.

When Bob Johnson sold B.E.T. to "The Man's" socialist business machine,B.E.T. Went from trying to please black people,to trying to appeal to a wider demographic,mainly southern blacks and whites.

Hence,the rap game now consist of ignorant buffoons(insert any southern rapper),"fake drug kingpins"(T.I.,Jeezy,Rick Ross),and ambiguously gay "nuance" weirdo's like Kanye West,Andre 3000,Fonzworth Bentley,Pharrel,Lupe Fiasco etc...Oh wait a minute...didn't this same bunch do a video dancing with each other in unison? Somebody tell me I didn't see that's lol...

Now that corporate America has "blood sucked" our music dry(again),and the major demographics-mainly whites and southern blacks-aren't as much excited about rap as once before,"hiphop" gets the proverbial boot to the curb...

Rap needs a major shot in the arm. I say that the greatest rapper alive Eminem(lol)should come out. Rap is on life support and apparently at B.E.T.,ITS DEAD!


SOHH...they're pretty much just changing the name. What difference will it make if they're gonna keep showing the same videos? I'll be impressed if I start to see MF DOOM, Elzhi or Killer Mike videos in regular rotation along with Lil' Wayne or Soulja Boy joints. I doubt that's gonna happen so I don't really see the reason for cancelling and replacing it with the same show.

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