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October 01, 2008


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This is like the 3rd time I've seen you say that "Swagga Like Us" didn't have much reaction or didn't do to well...I'm honestly thinking that you live under a rock, because that's the only song I hear out, on some "A Milli" sh*t....Matter of fact, thats probably the reason theres already about 5 remixes out lol...You really trippin you need to get of SOHH and out the damn A or something...(and I aint even a TI fan)

But really, you REALLY think that song hasnt had the most buzz of the year besides "A Milli"??? I mean do you leave your laptop anytime throughout the day lmao???


They shoulda had a ladies joint with

*** Janet
*** Mariah
*** MJB
*** Faith
*** Brandy
*** Monica

As far as the fellas umm...............
***Crickets***** LOL

Clofresh (Last of the Real OG's)

Ummmm ...that's nice, but aern't they forgetting somebody, how can you forget the reigning king of R&B. Ya'll can hate on R. Kelly all you want to cause of the case that he won, and i'm not saying that he should have not gone to jail, in fact he should have done some jail time, but you can't deny the countless #1 hit singles, and album that he continously does. Don't know why they are calling Usher the King, when Kelly hasn't lost his title. Just cause Ursh went diamond world-wide on his "Confessions" album, don't mean he's king, especially since this album flopped harder then a fish. Plus, sorry, but Kelly got more Swagg then all of them boys.

Clofresh (Last of the Real OG's)

@ whateva u smokin u need to pass that cause I wanna get as high as you. You need to kick Janet, Faith, Brandy, & Monica off that list and include, RiRi, CiCi, Bey,& Alicia Keys. I thought you knew. You must be in your late 20's earlier 30's to have named those names. Monica & Brandy are damn near finished.

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