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October 01, 2008


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The Antichrist

I have news for you Gyant...Joe is an idiot like the rest of the people in this country who don't intensely watch the moves made in American politics,world geopolitics,and business. But Joe might be right on one point.

If you are one of the very few of us who pays attention to issues other than who has beef with who and who's getting locked up and who's droppin their wackass cd and who's sleeping with who in "the hiphop culture."Then you know who's the behind the scenes players behind each candidates come up,and you know that the strange things that have been happening suggest that some people in some very high places want Barack Obama in office.

I can get deep into this but I'm not. I'll just say this...

America is starting to slip and The American "Old guard"(Kissinger,Zbigniew,Scowcroft)are very disappointed with the way the Neocons and the Jewish Lobby(AIPAC)are conducting the New World Order Plans,and they want them OUT of office before American/European dominance becomes a thing of the past.

They also believe that electing Obama will restore Americas standing in the world after the Bush administrations arrogant,reckless,warmongering,and red neck John Wayne/Clint Eastwood diplomacy.

The election of Obama also gives the world the allusion of America being the epitome of human right and fairness if a black man is in office.

But the "Old Guard" knows that the euphoria of electing Obama will wear off soon because the world already knows that Americas goal is the establishment of world government created by American and Europe. The plan was revealed because of the neocons and AIPAC's tough guy chest beating around the world.

Look...The U.S. Is turning socialist(Business,Government,Military,etc.)because democracy and the constitution is obsolete when where competing with emerging powers around the world who are hostile to the U.S. Because of the Neocons insensitive and out of touch policies. We don't have time to wait on congress to make a decision while other emerging countries move quickly.

we already got a fat joe.....this is dumb joe.......

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