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October 01, 2008


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Clofresh (Last of the Real OG's)

Wow doesn't anybody want to wifer her up???? There has got to be something wrong with this chick..She is fine as all hell, but she seems to always end up as a jumpoff. She might be the golddigger that Kanye has warned us about.!!!! What ya'll think??? Holla at ya boi!


man i wanna get with mel b look at dat body too bad eddie murphy is ON DAT WET


1. Why would he need to acknowledge what we know?

2. The collab might die if bloggers convince the public that it should.

3. Mel with money problems? You obviously don't remember how big the Spice Girls were or the vast amount of licensed products that flooded the market for over 5 years.

4. She never said she is doing it. She said she'd consider it. Probably for publicity reasons. The Spice reunion proved that only two of them really have the attention of the public.


lol @ playboy being the "last resort" for ex-celebrities going through some sh*t.


Don't Do it TIP!!

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