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October 01, 2008


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Some more washed up 40 year old rappers. Watch the next Sohh "news" pieces be about the washed up "Busta Rhymes" "LLcoolJ" or "JayZ."

"I've been listening to Method Man and Redman my whole life"- Terminology(I forgot,this is "hiphop,"so you have to spell it wrong, Termanology)

The above statement comes from someone who's washed up before he even started but never the less,the statement was funny as hell. This kid has to be in his late 20's and he said he's been listening to Red and Meth his whole like(Do the math)lol...


Atheist, you've obviously never seen these guys perform. Sorry for you.


Athiest, why the fuck does your faggot ass even bother posting on a HIP HOP site if you dont even know what the fuck hip hop is?? go listen to some more bitch ass lil wayne or some shit and leave the real music alone.

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