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October 01, 2008


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Dats pitful, thats less than what he sold last year. And the dude just did everything possible including publicity stunts, releasing 7 singles and 3 of them being hotter than most people's first singles. But basically, for those singles, he wasn't himself. He sang or he used high caliber guests to bring it to the top. Dude was probably expectin to reach a million wit all da fuckin money his label spent on dis shit album.


naw the problem is that the nigga leaked over a week ago, maybe two, I can't remember. and I dont remember hearing 7 tracks, and if there was, they were probably leaked on the internet


and almost gold, inna week is not definitely not considered pitiful, and check ya spelling homie. oh and I heard da album was hot, so stop hatin shawty.

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