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October 01, 2008


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WOW, stop the godamn e-presses! Some actual worthwhile conversation from a respected and talented MC such as Paris on SOHH??? We need more of this type of political commentary and coverage of these type of artists, very pleased to see this.


yea thanks paris for the breakdown of the financial crisis

who da hell is paris????

sounds like paris is ON DAT WET

but thats just what the RAZORBACK heard on another website that i cannot give a link to b/c its fire-walled here at my work at the funeral home

Balls Mahony

The bill shouldn't be passed.What Paris doesn't mention is the reason where the position we are now is cuz PEOPLE BORROW TO MUCH!!!! so yes the economy will be ok for alittle while but sooner or later we'll be back to the way we are. Bush is on his way out and is just trying to give some money to his rich banker friends on his way out!! you can't keep producing money out of thin air and messing with the interest rates..thats the reason were're messed up now ..the housing market is a symptom not the actual problem!


one of the many reasons why i been a fan of Paris. It's a shame mc's like him don't get more shine. brothers like him that have something to say.


who da hell is paris???? who da hell is paris????

I just hope you are 14 years old.

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