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July 08, 2008


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damn fighting at a funeral or even bringin up fianances during a funeral is just wrong. that should be a day for mourning not bickering.

Pharaoh Magnetic

Man, I hope this ain't true; I was really feelin Game's comments on that Rap City that Busta hosted, about the reasons he is/was pondering retirement, which had a lot to do about family, which makes this seem so much more weirder/ironic. If you made this commitment, pay for it, Game!


This new format makes it very difficult as a blogger to get a rhymthym. There are just too many random Blogs.

Anyway, the game situation is unfortunate. I am not in a position to point fingers at anyone because I don’t know the circumstances of this situation. I do know that death tends rip families a part. What is sad is how many people don’t have life insurance. My family has paid for the funeral expenses for several family members.

It is sad. I mean Game has the resources to pay the full 7 g’s but what we don’t know is how many other family crises and situations has he had to finance. Now that still doesn’t dismiss him from going back on his word (if he did that) but is does start to give you some other possibilities to consider before passing judgment.

I tell you one thing for sure and that is that many of these rappers are really starting to give the art a “White” eye. Once you strip away their careful constructed corporate created hip hop image you start to see that many of these cats are really people of low character. I would not want my 10 year old son to model any of these fools.


Btw, HITS Daily Double is reporting that Wayne pushed 153, Cold Play moved 150, Camp Rock moved 114 and G-Unit pushed 96.

Speaking of death that Young Buck situation buried. It is amazing how when you think you are fucking someone else you end up fucking yourself. Anyway, Soundscan is the real deal. For the record, record sales don’t mean shit to me. I never cared about numbers. However since 50 always mocked real Hip Hop cats with these kinds of numbers I do find some enjoyment in these numbers. Anyway, soundscans tend always be 7 to 12 units kinder and more generous then “HITS”. I am expected soundscan to give them the projected 100. Either way, they are dead, and I am thrilled about that. Shit, I will even take up a collection plate bury those bums.



Speaking of death that Young Buck situation buried G-Unit.

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