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September 09, 2008


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Man hasn't anybody noticed that the majority of rappers either; a) completely lip synch their songs, or b) have the complete track plus lyrics in the background while they rap like half the lines. TI did the latter on the show,u could tell, but damn near everyone else does it, especially the shittier rappers. Lil Wayne fer sure does his shows legit, maybe Jeezy. I'd expect TI to do so as well it just basically shows your a professional I mean they aint rockin crazy guitar solos or streaching their vocal chords to extreme ranges, just spittin rhymes

Ms Molly

I don't think it was a huge deal that T.I was rapping, but i do think Rihanna was the cause. She WAS MORE OFF KEY than anything. She sounded horrible all night. I'm not mad at T.I. Maybe it was done that way because of the skit he did before it? I dont know, i just know that I T.I still my homie man.


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Who Cares

I luv TI and don't really care whether he lip synched or not. But I'm on the fence about him walkin a righteous path.


Do yall have to dictate every lil thing??I know you guys didn't expect him to get up there and sing whatever you like live....
Especially at the the fixed ass vmas...And everybody is saying the show was boring ass hell but obviously everybody tuned in to watch it which is all that matters to mtv...


P.S....I feel ti regardless

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